Sunday, October 01, 2006

God is Ever Present

Dear God,
I praise you for your constancy;
When we sing and when we cry;
When we dance and when we mourn;
When we admire beauty and when we recoil from a harsh reality;
You are there to comfort and guide us;
An everpresent source of strength;
You are perhaps most present when it seems that you are most absent;
In a raucous bar scene, you remind a young father to head home;
And care for his family;
In war, you are there to comfort the soldiers;
Calm on the outside;
So very afraid on the inside;
In heated argument, when hatred flashes from the eyes of those locked in verbal combat;
You stay the hand, you introduce a note of friendship;
Because of you there is a chance that understanding will grow;
When there is deceit, you calm the tongue of the liar;
Lest worse lies be told;
We do not understand why there are things as horrible as war, hatred and deceit;
But as there is war and hatred and deceit, we thank you for being there too;
Without you could not win against this vile array;
With you, we cannot lose.


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